Graduation Gifts for the Non-Grads in 2020 While in Quarantine


Graduation Gifts for the Non-Grads in 2020 While in Quarantine - Alef Bet by Paula
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Spring is often the time for graduations for students.
  • Pre-school to kindergarten
  • Elementary to middle school
  • Middle school to high school
  • High School
  • College
  • Graduate school

In 2020 with the COVID-19 worldwide pandemic graduations are NOT being carried out as we are traditionally accustomed to seeing. 

No gathering on the lawn or in an auditorium.

No speeches and diplomas being passed out, no handshakes or hugs from the administration.  No throwing of the caps into the air, no sitting in the bleachers, or hunting for parking spaces outside of a school.

No family celebrations or parties for our senior graduates.

The forgotten class of 2020.

Class of quarantine and online zoom classes.

But, they are still graduating.  

There could be a rescheduled event at a later time the schools say, in fact, my daughter's university gave us three potential dates to consider: July 2020, December 2020, or May 2021.  

My son's high school graduation- no date at all.

My daughter's middle school graduation- no date at all.

In fact, I think for the two younger ones there won't even be a zoom video ceremony. 

But, they are still graduating.  

class 2020

And, as the world is now, this is the way it has to be.

We can still send our graduates small thinking of you, congratulation gifts in the mail.  We won't be able to be with them this year, but letting them know we have you, the grads in our thoughts, minds, and hearts will touch them greatly as they approach a summer, unlike all other summers.

Here is a list of jewelry we recommend and it's not overly priced either:

For the preschool graduate a little butterfly necklace is perfect:

butterfly necklace

Silver Butterfly Necklace

We chose a butterfly since it represents new beginnings. The transformation from larvae to a cocoon to a beautiful butterfly with wings to fly and explore is exactly the flight of path we seek for our little ones in life.   And under $15 it's the perfect gift for a 5-year-old, and it's real silver too!

bracelet for a boy

Leather Bracelet for Boys  

An adjustable leather bracelet for guys is always a good idea.  A chai symbol for life, blessings, good health and fortune to wear on their path in life.  A wonderful amulet to carry with them.

evil eye bracelet

Evil Eye Silver Bracelet 

Bracelets are always appreciated.  And evil eyes-- HUGE! 

Girls of all ages love to create an arm party, and what is a party nowadays without an evil eye in the mix.  These lucky blue eyes are worn to watch over and protect you, keeping any harm from coming in your way.  A much-appreciated gift for sure in these strange times, and so stylish too!  There's a large assortment of evil eye jewelry on our website as well that you can check out.

chai necklace

Silver Hebrew Chai Necklace

Absolutely the most adorable necklace is this Hebrew charm CHAI.  Set in sparkling cubic zircon stones this charm never stops sparkling.  You might find you'll pick one up for yourself too, it really is that precious on!  And a chai blesses you with life-- a huge, wonderful life full of health and love and happiness. The perfect grad gift!

diamond earrings

Diamond Cluster Earrings

If you're looking to spend a bit more than the pieces suggested above, which all tend to average under $36, perhaps a small pair of diamond studs would be a better gift.  These pyramid-shaped earrings are put on and leave on earrings.  Sleep in them, shower in them earrings that she'll adore forever. The star earrings are on the website as well and just as delightfully perfect.

heart necklace

Diamond Heart Necklace

All heart necklaces are not created equal.  Some are colorful, others large, silver, brass, sparkly and small. Then there came the heart necklace of all heart necklaces.  This 14k gold pendant is perfect.  Wear it short like a choker, long and layered with other charms, or have it rest in the middle of your chest as a statement piece.  The mini heart is designed to be loved and never taken off.  Trust us-- minimal jewelry is HUGE and this is the THEE piece.

And then there is the graduate you hesitate to buy jewelry for simply because you don't know if she'll wear jewelry, but you know that she is getting her own apartment after graduation.  

Hamsa New Home Blessing

A glass wall hanging that she can put in her new dorm room or apartment, or even her new office space is always a welcoming gift.  The amulet is a hamsa with an evil eye that ushers in prosperity, good health, love, happiness, and good fortune.  With so many colors to choose from, we are sure you'll find the perfect piece to gift for the graduate.

With many blessings and goodwill wishes for our graduates this 2020 school year, we wish you all well.  May you be blessed with all of the gifts that life has to offer, may you live a life full to the brim of good health and happiness.  May you find love and prosper, spread your wings and fly.

Congratulations to the class of 2020 

Let's hope they aren't known as the forgotten class of 2020.

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