How to Wear an Evil Eye Bracelet


How to Wear an Evil Eye Bracelet - Alef Bet by Paula

So, you've decided to wear an evil eye, or an all-watchful eye bracelet every day.

Good choice!

You're wondering how to style it, so we have a few tips that you might find very useful. The most important is to start with the basic question, "are you planning on leaving it on 24/7?"

If you don't want to worry about wearing the evil eye bracelet in the shower, or while washing your hands or doing the dishes, then you need to make sure of two simple things:

1. Is the bracelet easy to put on and take off.

2. What is the metal used in the bracelet.

If the bracelet is hard to take on and off yourself then you have two choices: a) put it on and leave it on or b) wear it only when someone is there to help you clasp it.

That is why an elastic bracelet is fantastic. It is designed to roll over your wrist, and left where it is. No tugging, no clasping, it is worry-free. And the elastic is not the kind you wear on your clothing, this is a special jewelry grade elastic that never stretches out and is very, very sturdy.

Next is the metal.

This may seem a strange thing to bring up, but it is very important. If you chose a brass metal you are best to never wear the bracelet in the water, it just isn't made for getting wet. The metal becomes green and so does your arm. The same with base metal, it is cheap for a reason. Just take it off when you are swimming, showering, washing your hands. And never spray perfume or hairspray on your metal jewelry-- just don't!

However, sterling silver and 14k gold are perfect for wearing every single day. They don't chip, flake, turn green, or rust. The bracelets don't rot or fall apart either.

How to style an evil eye bracelet.

Layer it.

Wear it alone.

We prefer to pile it on.


Do you like the photo above?

It's layered with different sizes of matching beads that are found interspersed inside of the blue, light blue, and red evil eye bracelet. In fact, the 14k gold-filled beads that are hand-strung in the bracelet are 4mm. Available in sterling silver as well, it's very eye-catching and stylish alongside the other bead bracelets.

As shown: gold-filled bead bracelets in 4mm, 3mm, 5mm then the evil eye bracelet.

Here is another example of how to beautifully stylize your glass protection evil eye bracelet, but here it is shown in all navy blue.

customer review of evil eye stylized bracelet
Blue Evil Eye Bracelet

This photo is from Lola Colette who writes,

"I spent a long time looking for a bracelet. This one is comfortable and pretty. I love it!"

bead bracelet in evil eyes for women
Multi-color evil eye glass bead bracelet

Wearing multiple bracelets with the same design is sleek as well. This is the same combination of 3mm, 4mm, and 5mm gold-filled bead bracelets as seen in the photo above.

Another beautiful way to showcase your amulet bracelet alongside an OM designer bracelet.

As you can see there is no right or wrong way to style an evil eye bracelet.

The main point is just to wear this protective amulet to watch over and protect you always. If you'd like to read more about the history and protective powers of an evil eye amulet, you can do so at this link:

To see and read about 12 popular evil eye bracelets for women, visit this link.

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Is rubbing the evil eye bad? I have a bracelet that rotates the evil eye and I rub it everyday will it effect the evil eye?


On which day should I wear evil eye bracelet? My dob is 25/07/1995 and time is 9:28 am IST. Kindly help

Aditi sinha

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