Jewish Star Necklaces in 2020 | Why Should I Wear One?


Jewish Star Necklaces in 2020 | Why Should I Wear One? - Alef Bet by Paula

Jewish Star of David jewelry in 2020 is taking on a whole new meaning:








Did I miss any?

white gold jewish star necklace

I am sure I did miss a few but with the rise of antisemitism in America, it's a topic worthy of discussion.

We can go back throughout history and see for hundreds and hundreds of years the torture, mistreatment, and persecution of Jews.  

But, let's talk about 2020, today.

It's a whole different era but the scapegoating of others' problems on the Jews are the same-- when life treats you like crap, blame the Jews.

No need to rehash stereotypes, all that info is out there on google for you to explore.

In a nutshell, that is it-- instead of fixing the issues, blame someone else.

So, that circles back to the Jews.

And a Jewish star.

A six-pointed star of David is a Jewish star.

It is a symbol that represents Judaism.

So, what's new and interesting about what you're telling us?

Nothing really.

It's a symbol that shows yourself, and others your religion.

Ok, got it.

But, so many are fearful of letting others know that they are Jewish in 2020.

Afraid of the backlash, the insults flying, the possible stabbing, shooting, beating up and mistreatment.

See, that is what has been occurring lately by a few sick individuals.

So, shall we pack up our Judaism and shove it under the rug?

Should we quiver and hide?


Or do we embrace our religion?

Some of us were born in Judaism, some of us converted to become Jews.

Do we just dismiss that out of fear?

I am not here to choose for you, but I am here to encourage you to stop hiding and start being proud.

tiffany haddish

I mean, look at Tiffany Haddish.

She isn't hiding her Jewish-ness.

Heck, she even put out a Netflix show called Black Mitzvah and according to Barbra Streisand gifted her a Jewish Star necklace, too.

She got me this beautiful Star of David,” Haddish told Variety, pointing to the delicate gold necklace she wore on the carpet. “I just got it like an hour and a half ago. She had it delivered here and it’s wonderful.”

star necklace black mitzvah

She even went on Instagram with her makeup primer on AND a Jewish star pendant and wasn't hiding.

So, why should we?

There are two interesting articles out there from 2017 about not hiding one's Judaism.

This is from 

"I also know that I refuse to see my Jewishness as a source of threat. I refuse to let some assholes with some flags and some gear and no humanity at all undermine the pride, the joy, the love and yes, the absolute privilege I have in being Jewish.

It’s the exact opposite: The more you threaten me, the more you stamp on my identity, the more you denigrate my people, the prouder I become. The more defiant I become. The more public I become."

The more public I become.

jewish star necklace

Or from Heyalma's Molly Tolsky

"Wearing something that openly proclaims you’re Jewish is an easy way to make the statement that your identity is important to you and that you’re not afraid of the people... a simple necklace can shout loudly: We are here, and we’re not going anywhere."

Both author's points are spot-on fantastic.

But, these are posts from 2017.

And, things are progressing at a more rapid rate than back then.




New Jersey


to name a few.

We've brought up this same question on our blog time after time as well, and here's one post about letting my daughter wear a Star.

The answer hasn't changed- YES


We need to wear a Star necklace.

We need to show others we aren't hiding.

But, most important of all, we need to show ourselves that we are proud.

We need to be able to face the public and not be ashamed of our religion. Not to hide, not to fear others.  We need to educate the others that we are equals. And that comes from the inside, our own bravery and ability to wear our faith on the outside.

There is a solidarity march in New York on January 5, 2020

jewish solidarity ny 2020

How amazing will this event be to see people of all faiths and religious affiliations come together to show human-kindness?

(Wish there was a march in my city)

So, why should you wear a Jewish star of David in 2020?

Because you are proud, strong and united with a worldwide community of Jewish people.  And a community of people, not only Jewish, who love and respect us-- just as we love and respect their religious beliefs and practices.

It's not OK to judge others.

It's not OK to be violent towards others.

"If you don't want people judging you, don't judge them." It's what I teach my children, and I hope you do too.

So, let's circle back to that question from the title, "Why Should I Wear a Jewish Star in 2020?"

What do you think?

Will you?

If you're wondering where to buy a Jewish star necklace, star bracelet or star earrings that fit your style and budget, please visit our collection at Alef Bet Jewelry.



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