Why You SHOULD be Wearing a Star of David in 2020


Why You SHOULD be Wearing a Star of David in 2020 - Alef Bet by Paula

This pisses me off big time.

Feel free to disagree with me, but now is NOT the time to hide wearing a Jewish Star.

It's not the time to shiver with fear of your religion.  It's not the time to go into hibernation like a bear in the winter because of antisemitic attacks that have been occuring in California and more ramp idly on the East Coast, and of course in Europe.

No one is saying it's not real.  They are really happening.

However, when we shy away from being who we are, who is the winner? And who is the loser?

This article from the Washington Jewish Week titled, "Why I Stopped Wearing a Jewish Star," is what set my blood boiling this morning.

Have we really come to a point in our lives that we are terrified of being Jews? 

Statistics don't lie: Adl.org says in 2017 antisemitism is up 60% and Times of Israel writes about 2018 increased cases, and the JTA writes about the most recent cause of the increase in 2020. There's an in depth article by Stopantisemtism.org that "documents how the delegitimization effort, as disseminated by the “Boycott, Divest and Sanctions” (BDS) Movement, together with the alt Right and radical Left, is creating a threatening environment that normalizes antisemitism."

Ok, so the news is dismal to say the least.

But that is not an excuse to hide.

judaic jewelry

It's not an excuse at all to let them win.

It's a time to fight back and show them that we're NOT cowards and there is NOTHING WRONG WITH US!

See, my philosophy is that when we hide we did something wrong. When you're kids are lying and hiding from you, it's because they did something wrong. When we are hiding our religious beliefs, we should never be made to feel that we did something wrong.

We're not guilty of anything.

Let me repeat--we're not guilty of anything.

We are Jewish.

Our ancestors died and fought to keep us here.

Some of us converted into the religion.

Some of us are devout, others not.

But, we're all Not guilty of anything.

So, if you want to hide and live in fear of your religion and let the haters win, I guess, be my guest.

It's also a topic on our minds continually, we always engage with readers on Facebook and your messages are what stimulate our thoughts and desire to continue onward and forward.  We've written about it before, on the blog, titled Jewish Star Necklaces in 2020.

But here's a little statistic for 2019 from October to December about the sales of Jewish symbols from Alef Bet's Amazon store:

Chai sales have increased October 2018- Dec-2019 up 136%

Jewish star sales have increased October 2018 to Dec 2019  156%

This proves to me that the haters are not winning.

In fact, more and more people are embracing their religion and NOT HIDING IT.



We can easily succumb to fear, or we can prove to the world how wonderful a people we are. There are numerous accomplishments and contributions made to world by Jews, to which there is no need to provide you with a google link, just look among yourselves.  

Yes, the youth of today fight a uphill battle with the BDS and anti-zionist movements fighting hard on college campuses, due to the massive support and financial aide/money coming in from Middle Eastern countries. But there is also support for Jewish students on college campuses through the dedicated Hillel programs to educate and combat antisemitism.

But, nothing makes me more proud than this text that I received from a mom: "I need a Star of David necklace for my son!  He says all the cool kids have one." 


jewish star necklace for a boy


Meet Luca.

He's in the seventh grade in Los Angeles.

Both of his parents are immigrants from South America, his father is not Jewish.

And he's proud.

jewish star for a boy necklace

To the young lady who wrote the article we opened with, yes, you did piss me off. But you also made me see how important it is to be proud.

It's not the time to run away and hide.

It's time to be loud and proud.

What do you think?

Wear a Jewish star of David now more than ever, or not?

Let us know.

P.S. Here's a link to our Jewish Star necklaces.


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Genna, i dont think its wrong to wear a star of david but then I’m not Jewish my partner doesn’t have a problem with me wearing a star of david pendent on a bracelet and I celebrate Pesach. I do this because my partner is Jewish im Catholic. We are getting ready for pesach and always celebrate and combine both our religions.


I am proud to wear my Jewish star every day to show that no one will shame me into hiding my religion. I lost family in Russia and in Germany because they were Jewish. I owe it to them to wear my star with pride in their honor and their memory.

Anita Manley

Is it wrong to wear the Star of David jewelry if you are not Jewish? I am Baptist but I think the necklaces are beautiful and have always wanted one but didn’t know if it would be right to wear it or not. What is your opinion?


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