Why Are We So Enamored with Elephants?


Why Are We So Enamored with Elephants? - Alef Bet by Paula

Why are we so enamored with elephants and the powers and wisdom they possess?

Elephants are rife with symbolism and serve as spirit, totem, and power guides. Here’s just some of what these mighty mammals symbolize. 

Elephants are one of the world’s greatest animals. 

They symbolize strength and nobility and are loyal to the pack. 

elephant in jungle

Females are devoted mothers and have been known to mourn their lost babies. This devotion extends to the entire pack, which is often seen working together to rescue a calf stuck in a ravine or the water. 


As spirit animals, the elephant symbolizes safety and respect. This comes from their slow, methodical nature and how they keep to themselves unless attacked.

Often considered a wise animal (remember the adage, “An elephant never forgets”), elephants are also the spirit animal of anybody seeking knowledge and wisdom.



Elephants are loyal to their pack and work together to protect the herd from predators. Their willingness to unite symbolizes responsibility toward others.

The elephant serves as the power animal for anyone hoping to improve connections with others and work toward a common goal.



Along with lions and eagles, elephants are strong symbols of protection and leadership.

People who have the elephant as their totem animal feel a strong sense of duty toward others and seek to protect them from harm, even to the point of self-sacrifice.



Weighing anywhere from 6,000- to 13,000-pounds, an elephant’s sheer size immediately evokes images of strength. Yet these gentle giants stick to themselves and attack only to protect the herd, making them the symbol of self-restrained, focused strength.

elephant amulet

Elephant Hamsa Hand Wall Decor



If you dream of elephants you should expect an obstacle to appear in your daily life soon. Typically, these obstacles relate to relationships with friends or family. It could also indicate new responsibilities in your family.

The next time you come across an elephant, stop and think about the message it is trying to send and how you can apply its virtues to whatever struggle you’re facing. 

No wonder we are so enamored with elephants! 


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