Is it Mazel or Mazal | What is the Meaning

Mazel Tov!

You're probably saying to yourself, I know what the Hebrew word Mazel Tov means. Aside from the word Shalom, it's the most popular phrase in Hebrew around the world. 

When shouted aloud it means "Congratualtions!"

In the Hebrew language, the words mazal and mazel may sound similar, but they hold different meanings.

So yes, the Hebrew word mazel is often associated with good luck and fortune. But, did you know that this word holds a deeper meaning? The word mazal is derived from the Hebrew word "mazal," which means "constellation" or "destiny."

It comes from the word L'nzol לְנַזֵּל that translates into "to drip."

Don't worry, we're going somewhere with drip and luck, stay the course.  Hebrew has lots of hidden meanings, here is one example.

Picture the heavens with a small drip, drip, drip.  A divine intervention being dripped into our lives from above.  

Now, this isn't just a Jewish tradition. NO, not at all!  

The idea of divine intervention is found in other cultures where it is often associated with the blessings or a favor from a higher power.  It's the idea that good luck, success, and fortune are not something we can control or earn.  Rather something that comes from a gift from above.

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Mazal is derived from the Hebrew word "mazalot," which means "constellations" or "destiny." On the other hand, mazel is derived from the Hebrew word mazal, which means "luck" or "good fortune."

The concept of mazal is rooted in the belief that our fate is predetermined by the stars or the positions of the stars at the time of our birth. This belief is often associated with astrology and the idea that certain events in our lives can be attributed to the positions of the stars.

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In traditional Jewish belief, the concept of mazal is associated with the idea that God has a plan for each individual and that certain events in our lives can be attributed to God's will.

On the other hand, the concept of mazel is associated with the idea that our success or good fortune is a result of chance or good luck. It's the belief that some people are luckier than others and that certain events in their lives happen by chance.

Note: the belief in the power of mazal and mazel varies widely among different individuals and communities within the Jewish tradition. Some may see it as a form of guidance, while others may consider it as a form of divination.  Which is not accepted in Jewish tradition.

One thing though that we should remember is that we have free will and personal responsibility.  Regardless of the luck and the positions of the stars, we still shape our own destiny through our actions and decisions.  We take an active role in the outcome of our lives, day by day.  

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By wearing the word mazel on a bracelet or a necklace, we are constantly reminded that we are in charge of our own destiny.  And that luck is on our side.  A powerful symbol of hope and positivity, that serves as a reminder that we are not alone in our journey.  It's the ultimate belief in prosperity and good fortune.  

So, as you glance down at the word mazel on your wrist, you are reminded that you have the power to shape your own future. The phrase is close to your pulse, and it serves as a constant reminder that you are in charge of your own fate. Embrace the power of mazel and change your luck for the better.

A symbol of hope, of luck, of empowerment, and of faith.  

It's worth noting that the reasons for wearing jewelry with the Hebrew word mazel on it may vary from person to person and the significance of the word may be different for each individual. Some people may wear it for the symbolism and others for the fashion statement.

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